10 writing projects to start in Lockdown

If Lockdown has you twiddling your thumbs, now is the perfect time to put pen to paper. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Writing, much like travelling to that far off land you’ve always dreamed of, is one of life’s little luxuries. As if bobbing gently on a yacht in a sandy bay, writing helps you drift away to forget life’s woes. It’s cleansing, helping you to express your innermost feelings. It’s enlightening, expressive, creative, thrilling. In short, it’s a gift that we all deserve a piece of.

Over the years I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me about something they wanted to write, but couldn’t find the time. While none of us are likely to be jetting off to Bora Bora any time soon, Lockdown may have awarded some of us the time we need to finally put pen to paper. So take a peek at the list below and begin your next chapter.

1. Pen your life story

There is no better time to self-reflect than right now. Regardless of if you’ve had an epic adventure or not, you have a story to tell. Reflect on the small, surprising moments in your past and describe how they formed the person that you are and your spirit. Will it be a best seller? Probably not, but that’s not what it’s about. Writing your autobiography is like therapy – revisiting the events that have formed you, you’ll come out the other side with a new perspective and feel reborn.

2. (Finally) start your kids’ diaries

If writing your own story makes you uncomfortable, how about someone else’s? If you have kids there are so many cherished moments and funny events to write about. You’ve probably had every intention to start your kid’s journals, but changing nappies, school runs, cooking dinners, laundry and general exhaustion got in the way. If they’re still in childcare, quick! Get scribbling while you can.  

3. Write a Covid journal

We’re living history – write about it. Give those in the future an understanding of what happened in 2020 that changed the world. Your legacy could be the information that you pass down. Share your personal experience of Covid, talk about how it affected your life and the life of those around you. Talk about the regulations, societal impact, the scale of the experience. Writing about the pandemic is a valuable way to give back. Who knows where it might end up in the future.

4. Develop your Business Plan

Maybe you’ve been made redundant, maybe your business has had to close, or you’re fighting to keep it alive.  You are 100% entitled to spend some time devouring a few boxsets in your undies on the couch. Give yourself that time, then pull yourself back up. It’s time to start planning for the future and developing the business plan that can withstand the uncertainty of Covid. Start by writing your values, and take it from there.  

5. Craft a short story

Don’t be fooled, short stories are not the cop-out versions of novels. With fewer words your stories have to be tighter and you have less space to develop characters. Short stories are a great challenge that are doable in a short space of time, say… a four-week Lockdown. Find your inspiration and get creative.

6. Draft the framework of your first novel

Unless you have literally nothing else to do, writing a whole novel in Lockdown may be a bridge too far. But a few weeks is certainly enough time to write the framework. If you’ve never written a novel before (like 99% of the population), this blog by Jericho Writers provides a handy outline for what to consider, because (go figure!) it’s not as easy as just typing away.

7. Script your video course

Right now, diversifying your business offering is more essential than ever. Video courses offer great potential for revenue that you can generate by sharing your expertise. The great thing is you only need to make them once and you can sell them time and again. It’s completely doable to write and film a full video course in a few weeks. So get scripting.

8. Revisit your website copy

Enquiries not flooding in? Struggling to get discovered on Google? Maybe it’s time for a copy refresh. Take some time to look at the analytics to identify the opportunities before you begin. Consider your tone of voice, is it appealing? Are you providing all the necessary information for visitors to your website? Are they able to find it easily? What are the most relevant keywords for your sector. Doing your research is vital for delivering copy that works.

9. Create a social media plan

With the never-ending demands of social media algorithms that punish you brutally the moment you’re distracted by anything else, getting ahead on your socials is a great way to spend your extra time. Look at your top-performing posts, take inspiration from accounts you love, and write a plan that will showcase you in a fresh and engaging way.

10. Plan blogs for the next 6 months

Blogging is a tremendous way to showcase your knowledge, your personality and your subject matter, but it can be challenging keeping up. So preparing blogs in advance can make all the difference. Spend some time considering your business objectives, your customers’ needs and wants and revisiting previous content to determine what topics you should focus on. Then you can create a schedule of engaging content that ticks all of the boxes.

The story of Lockdown is yours for the writing, so whether you use the time to write a memoir, a business plan or a best-seller, enjoy the process. You may just find peace or prosperity in the art of writing.

Need a little help to get started? Big Bee can help you take the next steps. Get in touch for a free consultation about your website content or content marketing.

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