Content Strategy

Know you need content but struggling to know where to start? Let us help you get creative and market effectively.

The challenge

Audiences expect more and more from their content. They expect high quality content that helps them to achieve their online goals. At the same time, as a business you have your own goals to achieve. The challenge is finding the balance and aligning the two objectives.

That’s where content strategy comes in.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is a plan that delivers effective and engaging content that will make an impact with your customers.

It’s an increasingly important part of marketing that creates a journey from where your audience interact most (think social media and Google search) all the way to your website’s checkout.

Content strategies can incorporate all kinds of media, from written to visual and video.

Most importantly content strategies address your customers’ wants and needs and demonstrate who you are to your audience.

What can Big Bee help with?

Content strategies don’t have to be incredibly complex. In fact, they should make marketing your business easier.

Whether you have a short term goal (such as a campaign) or a longer-term challenge, we’ll work closely with your business helping you to:

Identify your objectives
Understand your audience
Define your content style and channel plans
Create attention grabbing content
Target your audience
Schedule content delivery
Analyse your results
Adapt to fine tune your content

What you’ll get

Every business has different content strategy goals, some large, some small. We’ll provide bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

After defining your objectives Big Bee will create a bespoke package of content strategy support, which may include any or all of the following:

Content strategy overview

Providing details of your objectives, vision, target audience and basic content parameters.

Content style guide

Outlining all you’ll need to achieve continuity in your content production.

Content calendar

Defining release days and times that are the most effective and that builds continuity and trust with your audience.

Content ideation support

Helping to get the creative juices flowing and cross-checking against the strategy.

Audience insights

Ensuring you’re directly connecting with your audience and addressing their needs and desires.

Content analytics

So that you can learn from successes and failures to make an impact on your audience.

Ongoing content strategy check-ins

To help keep you on track with your strategy, analyse and learn from your campaigns.

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